The Raychem HWAT cable is a sophisticated hot water temperature maintenance system that provides commercial buildings with immediate hot water at the tap without the use of a recirculation system; thus saving on unnecessary water waste. The hot water temperature maintenance system utilizes an electronic controller, self-regulating heating cables, and an easy-to-install set of connection kits.


Self-regulating heating cables are designed for installation on hot water supply pipes underneath standard pipe insulation. The cable adjusts power output to compensate for variations in water temperature and ambient temperature. It produces more heat if the temperature drops and less heat if the temperature rises. The heating cable replaces supply-pipe heat losses at the point where the heat loss occurs, thereby providing continuous, energy-efficient, hot water temperature maintenance and eliminating the need for a recirculation system.

Self-regulating heating cable is installed on residential hot water supply pipes underneath standard pipe insulation. This cable has the same description as the HWAT-R2 cable.

The HWAT-ECO electronic controller provides flexible temperature control and energy savings for the HWAT hot water temperature maintenance system.


Downloads [PDF]

Datasheets [PDF]
  HWAT-R2 Datasheet
  HWAT-P1 Datasheet
  HWAT-ECO Datasheet
  RayClic Datasheet

Installation Manuals [PDF]
  HWAT Installation Manual
  HWAT-ECO Installation Manual
  RayClic Powered Installation Manual
  RayClic Unpowered Installation Manual
  RayClic Lighted End Installation Manual

Additional Information [PDF]
  HWAT Specification Sheet
  HWAT Design Guide



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