Applied Products Thermal Products Group offers a wide array of engineered products for the industrial market. Each product is designed to add value to even the simplest of heat-tracing installations.

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Miscellaneous Specialty Products

Raychem Tube Bundle (RTB)
RTB's are small diameter pre-traced and pre-insulated tubing bundles designed to maintain freeze protection, close temperature tolerances, or viscosity control. These tubing bundles provide alternatives to field tracing and insulating electric heating cables. They provide an excellent means of maintaining continuous lengths of impulse lines and piping at consistent temperatures end-to-end. RTB is used when the maintain temperature ranges from 40°F to 250°F. Utilizing Raychem self-regulating heater technology, this system will lower its heat output as the process tube gets warmer. RTB's are available in a wide range of diameters, heater options and configurations.
  RTB Datasheet [PDF]
  RTB Installation Manual [PDF]
  RTB Design Guide [PDF]
  RTB Request Form [PDF]

Longline Heating
Industrial longline heating is necessary to heat long pipelines, like transfer lines between processing plants or between storage or transportation facilities, for pipe freeze protection, condensation prevention, viscosity control, or temperature maintenance.
The complexity of this pipe heat trace system comes from the need for long electrical circuit lengths, usually with a single electrical power point.
  Longline Design Guide [PDF]
  LBTV Longline Datasheet [PDF]
  SLBTV Longline Datasheet [PDF]
  VLBTV Longline Datasheet [PDF]
  VLKTV Longline Datasheet [PDF]
  SC Longline Datsheet [PDF]
  SC Longline Compenents Datsheet [PDF]

Pipe Shoes
The Interlock™ clamp-on pipe shoe is a patented pipe support design that eliminates field welding requirements for pipe supports, which is a significant benefit in heat-tracing design and construction. It can be used on all pipe applications, including bare pipe, painted pipe, insulated pipe, and heat-traced pipe.
  Interlock Pipe Shoe Datasheet [PDF]

Tank Insulation Systems
Trac-Loc™ standing lock seam insulation system delivers structurally superior, maintenance-free, and lower-cost insulation than conventional tank insulation methods.
Tracloctankinsulation Cover  Trac-Loc Brochure [PDF]
  Tank Heating Design Guide [PDF]
  Trac-Loc Spec Sheet [PDF]
  Vertical Lock-Seam Tank Insulation Sales Brochure [PDF]






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