Water causes a huge amount of damage and loss every year! Is your facility at risk?


Water LLD

Prevent Water Damage to Data Centers, Libraries, Artifacts and Collections

TraceTek cannot prevent a catastrophic flood or tornado, but the TraceTek system will alert you to preventable situations the can become catastrophic if prompt action is not taken.

TraceTek sensing cables and multifunction, multi protocol digital alarm systems are the dominant solution to water leaks in buildings.
    •  Computer Rooms, Server Equipment and Communications Facilities
    •  Intelligent Buildings and Commercial Buildings
    •  Libraries and Archive Storage Facilities
    •  Museums, Heritage Sites and Aquariums

The Threat - Computer or Server Room Floors

IT Room WaterdamageServer facilities are the nerve centers for most modern businesses. Thousands of optical and electrical connections are concentrated in a densely packed space. Racked equipment generates a large amount of heat and in order to prevent equipment failures, the heat must be extracted. Heat extraction is the role of the HVAC equipment and chilled water pumped into and out of the facility is the primary heat extraction medium. However water and electronics don’t mix. Early detection of any water leakage is the key to prevention. THREAT: Raised floor facilities are even more vulnerable because leakage is concealed. A water leak in a visible area might be noticed by employees but if the leak occurs beneath raised floors, the first alarm may occur when a critical system shuts down or water begins to rise through the structural floor to lower levels in the building.


The Problem

Water damage occurs most frequently when leaks are undetected over extended periods. Many news stories begin with: “When workers arrived on Monday morning…”. Not every leak occurs on Friday night, but a leak that does occur can cause tremendous damage before detection. Libraries, museums, basement storage vaults, archived records, and similar collections are extremely vulnerable. Water damage to carpets, hardwood floors, walls and ceilings in addition to damage to furniture and fixtures makes restoration expensive. If water damage impacts a work area, alternate space must be found, staff must be temporarily relocated, communications must be re-routed and many man hours will be lost, etc...

The Solution

TT 1000TraceTek TT1000 is the primary water detection sensor cable used in commercial building applications. It is primarily intended for leak detection under raised floors, in mechanical rooms and similar flat surface areas where water can form a puddle.
TT1000 and TT1100 -OHP sensor cables can be positioned in and around possible sources of water or deployed around areas that need protection. Building service columns, just inside the foundation for underground storage vaults, around the interior service core of the building at each floor, around the window perimeter beneath fan-coil units are all typical examples of where sensor cable can be effectively deployed. When mechanical equipment is supplied with dedicated drip pans, a TT-FLAT-PROBE is an excellent way to monitor for any water accumulation. All TraceTek sensor cables and probes are equally effective for potable water, condensate or water glycol mixtures.
  TT-1000 Datasheet [PDF]
  TT-1000 Instruction Manual [PDF]
  TT-1000 Terminations Instructions Manual [PDF]

TT 1100 OHPTraceTek TT1100-OHP is a water detecting cable intended for use on the bottom side of suspended or rack mounted pipe. The outer layer of the sensor cable is designed to act like a wick so that even small leaks are drawn along several inches of cable to assure accurate leak detection and location. TT1000-OHP is also very useful in dirty areas where contamination can cause problems.
  TT-1100-OHP Suspended Pipe Datasheet [PDF]
  TT-1100-OHP-THIN Insulated Pipe Datasheet [PDF]
  TT-1100-OHP Installation Manual
  TT-1100-OHP Terminations Instructions Manual



TT Flat ProbeTT-FLAT-PROBE is intended to detect water accumulating in drip pans or in other applications where damp conditions are acceptable but "floods" need to be detected.

  TT-Flat Probe Datasheet [PDF]
  TT-Flat Probe Installation Manual [PDF] 


Download IconControl Downloads [PDF]


Datasheets [PDF]
  TTSIM-1 Datasheet
  TTSIM-1A Datasheet
  TTSIM-2 Datasheet
  TTDM-128 Datasheet
  TTA-SIM Datasheet
  TTC-1 Datasheet
  Protonode Datasheet
  TT-TS12 Datasheet
  Zener Barrier Datasheet

Installation Manuals [PDF]
  TTSIM-1A Installation Manual
  TTSIM-1 Installation Manual
  TTSIM-2 Installation Manual
  TTDM-128 Installation Manual
  Protonode Installation Manual
  TTC-1 Installation Manual
  TTA-SIM Installation Manual
  TT-TS12 Installation Manual
  TT-TS12 Modbus Installation Manual

User Manuals [PDF]
  TTDM-128 User Manual
TT-TS12 User Manual

Download IconAccessory Downloads [PDF]


Datasheets [PDF]
  TT-Flasher BE Datasheet

Installation Manuals [PDF]
  TT-JSK-HS18 Installation Manual
  TT-Flasher BE Installation Manual
  TT-JC-CK-PC-MF Installation Manual

Additional Information [PDF]
  Water Leak Design Guide
  Water Leak Brochure 


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