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The TraceTek Liquid Leak Detection products have been installed in:
      •  Tank farms
      •  Military & civilian airfields
      •  Pipelines
      •  Refuelling & bunker areas of ports
      •  Refineries

Not all pipes contain water

Increasingly, commercial facilities must have back-up power sources and the most common way to provide that power is with diesel powered generators. However, pumping and storing diesel fuel inside of a building introduces a risk of fire that exceeds the rapid acceleration that the water sprinkler system can control. FM Global released FM 7745 “Approval Standard for Diesel Leak Detectors”. TraceTek’s Fast Fuel Sensor Probe and TT5000 Fuel Sensor Cable have been tested by FM approvals and are certified to meet the requirements of the new standard.

Safety is the number one concern of most companies involved in the handling of petroleum fuels. and protecting the environment is a close second. The regulatory framework in both areas is getting progressively tighter, so if your business involves the production, transportation, storage, refining or consumption of fuels, you need to consider the possibility of a leak.

The Problem

Hospitals, server facilities, large office buildings and many other commercial and institutional facilities require diesel powered back-up generators. In many older buildings, generators have been squeezed into spaces that were not originally designed for that purpose. Each generator requires a day tank, fuel pumps, valves, hose connections and similar fittings. Frequently there will be a supply and return piping connection to a larger underground diesel storage tank outside of the building footprint. An undetected diesel fuel leak presents a major fire risk and if ignited could lead to a rapidly growing fire beyond the extinguishing capacity of sprinkler systems.

The Solution

TraceTek Fast Fuel Sensor (TT-FFS) and TT5000 Fuel Sensor Cable can be deployed around the generator pad, under day tanks, in double wall pipe or trenches connecting supply and return piping, and in similar applications. The TT-FFS probe is capable of reacting to the presence of diesel within a few seconds. It will detect a puddle of diesel spreading across a flat surface or a layer of diesel floating on water. TT-FFS can be tested as desired, re-used and reset after a leak encounter. The TT5000 sensor cable can monitor tens of hundreds of meters of piping and provide the same precise leak location information that is a feature of all TraceTek cables.

TT 5000The TraceTek TT5000 is a fuel sensing cable that can detect and locate spills of gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, crude oil and similar hydrocarbon liquids. It will not detect or react to water. The cable is available in outdoor (above ground), underground and indoor versions.
  TT-5000 Datasheet [PDF]
  TT-5000 Instruction Manual [PDF]
  TT-5000 Terminations Instruction Manual [PDF]
  TT-5000 HS Datasheet [PDF]
  TT-5000 HS Instruction Manual [PDF]
  TT-5000 HUV Datasheet [PDF]
  TT-5000 HUV Instruction Manual [PDF]

TT FFS 250

The TraceTek TT-FFS (FAST FUEL SENSORS) are fast acting probes that respond to the presence of liquid fuels within a few seconds. Often used for indoor back-up generator and fuel supply monitoring.

  TT-FFS Datasheet [PDF]
  TT-FFS Cleaning Instructions [PDF]
  TT-FFS Probe Tester Datasheet [PDF]
  TT-FFS Probe Tester Instructions Manual [PDF]



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Datasheets [PDF]
  TTSIM-1 Datasheet
  TTSIM-1A Datasheet
  TTSIM-2 Datasheet
  TTDM-128 Datasheet
  TTA-SIM Datasheet
  TTC-1 Datasheet
  Protonode Datasheet
  TT-TS12 Datasheet
  Zener Barrier Datasheet

Installation Manuals [PDF]
  TTSIM-1A Installation Manual
  TTSIM-1 Installation Manual
  TTSIM-2 Installation Manual
  TTDM-128 Installation Manual
  Protonode Installation Manual
  TTC-1 Installation Manual
  TTA-SIM Installation Manual
  TT-TS12 Installation Manual
  TT-TS12 Modbus Installation Manual

User Manuals [PDF]
  TTDM-128 User Manual
  TT-TS12 User Manual

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Datasheets [PDF]
  TT-Mini-Probe Datasheet
  TT-Flasher BE Datasheet

Installation Manuals [PDF]
  TT-JSK-HS18 Installation Manual
  TT-Flasher BE Installation Manual
  TT-JC-CK-MC-MF Installation Manual
  TT-PFT-34-MC Installation Manual
  TT-PVC Installation Manual


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